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Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to greeting you at the door to our building soon. When you enter, you will find a congregation of dedicated, sincere, friendly Christians, striving to fulfill the above scripture. We are indeed, a family of God's children: loving, supportive, concerned for the spiritual and physical welfare of each and every member.

We conduct our weekly worship services in complete accordance with the scripture which has been given to guide us in this effort. A cappella singing, prayer, the Lord's supper, teaching from scripture, and giving are practiced every Lord's day. It is done simply, quietly, and in good order to the glory of our God and Savior.

Bible classes are conducted for all age groups by experienced, dedicated and sincere Christian teachers who desire to spread the Gospel and open fertile ground into which the Lord may water for the increase.

We are scripturally organized, having elders and deacons qualified as setforth in the holy scripture. Come and join us! You will be glad, we will be glad, and the Lord of Heaven and Earth will be glad!


Hear    Believe    Repent    Confess    Be Baptized    Be Faithful